Donations, Gifts and Bequests

NCN Health is funded as a small rural health service. Together with the Board of Directors we are extremely appreciative of the significant support in the form of gifts, bequests and donations received in the past. Support from our community goes towards much needed medical equipment, services and capitol projects. We would like to thank the community for their past support and look forward to recognising future contributions.


NCN Health seeks to recognise all donors who support our Health Service;

  • All donations are acknowledged with a receipt.
  • NCN Health will personally acknowledge donations individually over $50 through a letter of appreciation.
  • The nature of the donation will determine the manner of recognition.
  • It is recognised that benefactions of a significant value and generosity should receive special acknowledgement. This is agreed on a case by case bases with respect given to the donor’s wishes.



NCN Health retains the right to determine the manner of acknowledgement as deemed appropriate by the CEO or Board of Directors:

  • Electronic media in the form of a website and/or digital display will be kept to record and acknowledge gifts of $2,000 or greater.
  • The Gift and Bequest Register will be maintained by the Executive Assistant who will record all gifts to the value of $100 and above.
  • It is to be recognised by all parties that once a gift is accepted by NCN Health, that gift becomes the sole property of the Health Service. Where the Health Service operational needs lead to a change in the use of a particular item rendering it unsuitable or inappropriate, the Board of Directors retains the right to replace or dispose of the said item without reference to the donor.
  • The decision on which materials or funds are accepted will be made by the CEO in consultation with the Board.
  • Where it is necessary to decline a donation, reasons for declining will be explained to the prospective donor.


NCN Health will always seek consent from the donor before publicly acknowledging the donation.

Request for Anonymity

In the instance where a donor does not seek public recognition by name and specifically requests anonymity, confidentiality and privacy will be maintained.

Naming Opportunities

Whilst the Board does not favour naming rights of buildings, areas or equipment, naming rights may be considered at the discretion of the Board for any donor who provides total initial funding of a capital project or item.

Conditional Donations

NCN Health does not accept conditional donations that are inconsistent with relevant legislation, regulations and standards.  Donations will not be accepted if the donor wishes to place any restrictions or limitations on the use of the donation that are inconsistent with organisation values and strategy.

Request for the use of Health Service Grounds

From time to time there may be requests to use NCN Health grounds to facilitate a memorial action. This could include things such as spreading of ashes, planting of trees or gardens, purchase of outdoor furniture, bird baths, fountains etc, with or without the use of plaques.

Such requests are generally not supported unless there are exceptional circumstances and will require authorization by the Board.

Support us 

We thank all individuals, community groups, trusts, foundations and corporations who support us to continually improve the standard of care and service provided at our facility. 

If you would like to support NCN Health with a gift, donation or bequest please contact us on (03) 5871 0777 

Cheques can be made payable to NCN Health.  Donations over $2 are tax deductible and are a wonderful way to invest in your local health service.