Protecting patient privacy is something we value at Cobram District Health. We support the principles set out in Schedule 1 of the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). Cobram District Health will create and maintain individual paper based and / or electronic Medical Records as the primary source of information to support service delivery.

Cobram District Health will ensure any information collected from patients, residents, clients, family members or treating professionals will remain private and confidential. Client information will only be used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected and be protected from misuse. Wherever possible, we will provide patients, residents and clients with choices about how their information is used and to who it is disclosed.

Cobram District Health will make every effort to be clear about the purposes for which information is being shared.

Your information can only be accessed and/or disclosed by your treatment team for the purpose of your ongoing care. It cannot be accessed by your relatives or friends without your consent. Your information may be shared with external organizations as a requirement by law. If you have any concerns about your information being shared with other health care providers or services, please speak to a member of your healthcare team.

Freedom of Information Act

People may have access to information held in their medical record through the Freedom of Information Act. (FOI). The Freedom of Information Act also gives you the right to request documents held by public hospitals. You can make a request yourself, or you can authorise another person (for example, a solicitor) to make a request on your behalf.

Important information regarding a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

  • The person the requested information relates too, MUST sign the application form.
  • An application fee applies to all requests.
  • To avoid delays, the application fee should accompany this request.
  • Additional costs may be incurred for research, copying and postage of documents. 
  • FOI requests may take up to 45 working days to process.
  • All applications should be addressed to the FOI Officer.

For further information or assistance please contact the FOI Officer on (03) 5871 0777.

All applications for information must be processed by the Freedom of Information Officer. All Freedom of Information requests must be directed to the Freedom of Information Officer. Costs may be charged by the hospital to the person requesting the information. A request must be accompanied by an application fee which is set by the Freedom of Information Commissioner A charge for the costs incurred for providing photocopies of documents may apply.

Enquiries need to be made in person at reception or in writing to:

Freedom of Information Officer
PO Box 252
Broadway Street
Cobram Victoria 3644