We Passed with Flying Colours

Cobram District Health (CDH) successfully passed an organisation wide accreditation survey in late August 2017. Three surveyors were on-site for two days assessing the quality and safety of the care we provide.
The surveyors commended the health service in providing best practice in areas such as partnering with consumers and falls and pressure injury management. CDH Board President Dale Brooks congratulated staff on the result, stating “there are many hours of hard work on the part of all our staff across all the services we provide”.
Mr Brooks also commented on the reassurance for the community of passing this survey, “The Board is thankful for our committed and skilled staff and the positive result is comforting for the community. The quality and safety of the services we provide is paramount”.
The accreditation is valid for 4 years and reviewed areas such as medication management, infection control, governance and workforce.