Making the Right Call

When Noelle Spolding and her husband Peter moved to Cobram from Geelong late last year, she went looking for some help in her home to cope with the difficulties of living with a chronic back problem. She didn’t want much, just some home help and some rails in the shower to make it safer to use. She was surprised by how difficult it was to get a straight answer from Health Care providers.
Noelle says “After talking to agency after agency I found I was getting different stories from each of them. Some people told me that there was no funding, others told me I had to get this assessment or that form. I was more confused than when I started. Now I’m a reasonably intelligent person. I worked as a nurse for 46 years and I’m no stranger to the health system. But after six months of calls and chasing, nothing had happened. I had two assessments and been sent pages and pages of forms but still no action.”
“Then finally my husband found the Cobram District Health Homecare pamphlet and gave the Community Health team a call. Their home care case worker Tess Lane, visited me. She visited on the Monday, I had home help organised by the Wednesday and the rails in my shower were up on the Friday. I cannot over emphasis how important it is in health to get in touch with the right person. Tess was brilliant. She was the ideal person for the job. I just needed someone local to help me navigate the system and who would take that extra care to make sure things are followed through on. I wanted to say something so others in the community don’t have the same problem as I did.”

Call Community Health on 5871 0777 (option 5)