Have you got something to share?

Last week Ron Powells came into Irvin House to share his passion for making tiny model aeroplanes, tractors and even dogs out of recycled aluminium cans.
Ron Powells, a local of Cobram, uses his skills gained from working as an engineer for the British Royal Navy and his love of fiddling with things to make these detailed models of tractors and aeroplanes entirely out of scrap aluminium. The residents of Irvin House were treated to a blow by blow demonstration of the intricacies of folding and riveting the cans. You may have seen Ron’s stall at the Lions market in Cobram where he sells his creations every month.

Have you got something to share with our residents that might brighten their days and keep their hands and minds nimble? Can you knit, crochet, are you passionate about gardening, perhaps you could lead a reading group or would you just like to sit and chat with a few of our residents about the good old days? These are just a few of the ways that you can make a difference to our residents. And you may be surprised at the lives they have led. You might even learn a thing or two about the town that you live in.
If you think that this could be you, contact Bruce Naylor, Community Engagement Officer on 5871 0777.