Getting the Right Care for You

We are reaching out to introduce you to a community initiative that will help you make the right decision when you have a health concern. It’s called “Choose Well, Feel Better”.

Choosing the right healthcare option means you can reduce uncertainty and unnecessary travel and wait times. And it helps our community healthcare system to work at its best. When you choose well, you feel better!
In Victoria, your healthcare options are:

  • Your local Pharmacy
  • Your local GP
  • Your nearest Urgent Care Centre
  • Emergency Department / Calling Triple 000

Each one can help with a range of conditions. Did you know that your nearest Urgent Care Centre can assess and stabilise fractures? Or that your local GP is well-suited to caring for your joint pains, aches, and wounds? Making the right choice can save you from wasting hours waiting in queue at Emergency. If you’re unsure about which healthcare option is right for you, call NURSE ON CALL (1300 60 60 24) for 24 hour advice. Visit to find out more.