Doctor and Teacher

As a child Dr James remembers being full of respect for his teachers. It seemed to him that the knowledge they possessed was like a secret power, so naturally enough he wanted to become a teacher when he grew up. But when his older brother began to train in medicine, he changed course, deciding instead to become a doctor. From his early education in Kerala, India, medicine has taken Dr James around the world: First to the UK, where he trained in Emergency Medicine in a busy Liverpool ER, then later to Australia, were he worked in the ER in Tamworth and Townsville. But it was family needs and the desire for a more settled life, with less shift work, that brought him to Cobram, nearly ten years ago.

Dr James says that “Working in a rural GP practice is much more interesting than being a city GP. In Cobram I see a much more interesting case load, because the big hospitals are so far away. I still love Emergency Medicine and I really enjoy my work at the Urgent Care Centre in Cobram. The strange thing is that I have come to see that my work is as much about teaching as the medicine now. Teaching people how to better care for themselves and now I have qualified as a GP Supervisor, teaching the next generation of doctors. So you see, I became a teacher after all!”