At Cobram District Health we aim to provide a high quality health care experience for every consumer every time. And you can help us do that by sharing your story.  We would like to hear how it went for you, your family members and friends.

Things like;

  • How was your patient experience?
  • Could we do things better?
  • Did we listen to you?
  • Did we do something well?

We want to hear it all and now we are going to make it easier than ever to talk to us. (Don’t forget that your experience may improve someone else’s experience as well.)

Patient Opinion Australia is a website where you can share your opinion safely and anonymously. Just Google ‘Patient Opinion Australia’ and get started, or use the convenient form below. This form links directly with Patient Opinion. Your personal information is removed from the story by the Patient Opinion moderators before it is forwarded to the health service so that your privacy is assured. 

Its easy to use, with no log in required.

How it works:

  1. Share your story of using a health service
  2. Patient Opinion send your story to staff so that they can learn from it
  3. You will get a response
  4. Your story might help staff to change the way we provide services

Every single post, large or small, will be seen by our CEO, Jacque Phillips, and your issue will be communicated directly to the department that needs to know. We aim to acknowledge your post within 48 hrs.

Some issues may be hard to solve and others easy, but rest assured we will keep you in the loop through the safe, anonymous space of Patient Opinion Australia.

And of course, all our usual feedback forms are still available to those who want to use paper and pen.