Home Care Testimonials

“Mal and I would like to take this time to thank our Case Manager and all staff at Cobram District Health for their care and support in making the quality of our life so much better, they are the best.”

Many thanks Mal and Lynn

Hi, my name is Terry. In the past 5 years my health went from good to bad very fast. Currently I’m on dialysis and do this at home 4 times a day. I have diabetes type 2, a Charcot foot, some loss of sight, a hearing aid and a heart pacemaker. I’ve been with Cobram District Health since 2012/13.

Without this package I may not have some of the treatment or equipment that I do have today. My wife and I sold our home and bought a kit home to be placed in my daughters back yard. This package paid for all the modifications that needed to take place in the unit so then I could move around more easily. Things like wider doorways, larger shower door, flat shower basin, non-slip bathroom floor, a ramp to make it easier to walk into the unit and hand rails. Without this package I would not have been able to do this. My Case Manager has worked with me to help build my confidence back up and reassuring me that my independence is still with me. This package has made my life so much easier to live, without the worry of how will I pay for things and I can go to doctors and specialist in my region rather than in Melbourne. It helps prevent me from going to a nursing home sooner rather than later.


“I find the girls are very caring towards me and are wonderful.They greet you with a smile and a helping hand. If I have a problem and can’t manage they are only too willing to help and only a phone call away. It does no harm to say thank-you and I’m sure it would be appreciated. If they were handing out awards these wonderful girls should not be forgotten.”